Coughtrey BDK offer a variety of baths ranging from cast iron, pressed steel and acrylic.

Our acrylic baths come in 3 different thicknesses:

5mm – This is the standard bath thickness for the modern day, this type of bath is good to keep costs down, but is not recommended by us for use in a shower bath.

8mm ; This is a slightly stronger bath compared to the 5mm and is sold at competitive prices to the 5mm, this type of bath is recommended to people who bath more than shower, this is due to the increased longevity of the product compared to the 5mm bath.

Carronite – The carronite bath is made up of a strongly bonded product called GRP, the product is placed on under and on top of an 18mm baseboard, and then coated in a vacuum formed acrylic. This bath is recommended for baths used a lot in the everyday running of a home and also for a shower bath.

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