Shower Enclosures & Trays

Coughtrey BDK sell an unthinkable range of enclosures and shower trays in all shapes and sizes. We sell shower trays that are what we feel is an exceptional quality and we always steer our customers to purchase one of our JustTrays shower trays. Just Trays have 7 ranges of shower trays that suit the customers size and taste.

At Coughtrey BDK we sell a range of shower enclosures. We sell different shapes and sizes of enclosure, just like any other company, but what separates us, is the thickness of the glass that we sell. We can offer you 4mm glass, 6mm, 8mm or we can offer you 10mm glass, targeting all price range and quality preferences.

Trays and Enclosures are sold separately, call us on 01953 881 243 for more information.


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